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Passionate About Unlocking Potential in People and Brands

A bit of truth and facts:

I am 27 years old, I am coming from a tiny town in the Northern part of Italy called Mede (Lombardy). I studied tourism in high school and I have been working in cafès since I was 14 (serving, making coffees, polishing).

I have always been considered as the loser of the family, the one who will never make it.

When I was 18yo I left Italy to move to the London. It was supposed to be a five days holiday; it turned out to be nine years of my life.

I found a job as bar-back, I cried every day as I couldn't understand a word. I wrestled with the idea of coming back home. I made it. 

I started my wine training, with exams and competitions. I wanted to prove people wrong, I wanted to prove myself I was actually good at something. 

I never knew what I really wanted to do in my life, wine seemed just right.


I worked hard, I failed so many times and I succeeded others. 

The wine industry allowed me to get to know myself better and to explore many of the world's beauties.

Alongside wine, during Covid, I started a complementary journey in psychology at Cambridge University, graduating in Coaching and actually helping people thrive on a daily basis. 

Towards the end of 2022, competitions and exams got me seriously busy (stressed out), I burned out. I neglected work, friends and loved ones for success. I was wearing the lenses of misery and negativity. I did not ask for help. I became the person I have always detested.

Not proud. 

A shift in mindset happened in 2023, I decided to loosen up and have fun doing the things I loved (wine, communicating, creating, being helpful to people). In that way, I achieved great successes in the first 6 months, but my instinct was driving me elsewhere.

In June 2023, at the pinnacle of my wine career, I left London to move to Greece (funny right? Greece?).

The world of hotels has always been fascinating to me and I had to bring back to life my passion for wines by taking a break from it.

I needed clarity, space and tranquility.

Still today, I don't have it all figure it out. I am still perfecting what I am doing, I am researching, adapting, looking out for opportunities, experimenting, making mistakes, starting again.

MelCnC is the first step for myself to help someone thrive, not matter if the recipient is a business or an individual. I am committed to bring the positive, wholehearted, supportive, and innovative approach you need to succeed. 

This industry gave me purpose and joy, MelCnC is a way of giving it back and to make a greater impact, one day at the time. 


Three core values: C O U R A G E, G R A T I T U D E, G R O W T H  

Favourite movie: 'Forrest Gump'

Favourite read: 'Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway' 

Motto: 'Dream it, Make it'

Most valuable advice: 'Follow your instincts and your heart' (they know better)

Worst advice I received: 'Time heals all the wounds' (working on yourself does, time helps)

Guilty pleasure: Dates, lots of dates!

My favourite grape: Chardonnay 


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  • I am an Advanced Sommelier at the Court of Master Sommeliers.

  • I am an International Wine Judge for IWSC and Decanter.

  • I am a Cambridge Graduate in Coaching.

  • I am the UK Young Sommelier of the Year 2023.

  • Only Sommelier mentioned in the New York Times article ‘ Why London is One of the

  • Best Places in the World to drink Wine’ by Eric Asimov, January 9, 2023

  • 3rd Best UK Sommelier by Harpers Magazine “Top 25 UK Sommelier”, July 2022

  • 100 most influential women in hospitality 2021’ by C O D E HOSPITALITY, sponsored by American Express and R E S Y, April 2021

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