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I am focused on hospitality as it is one of the most challenging industries to work for, however, my practise is open to everyone who feel it could be useful for them also.


In hospitality especially, maintaining a satisfying work and life balance could be a struggle, overwork could become a state of mind, maybe you feel that you are not in the right work-place, unhappy with an inequitable salary or working with a team with whom you struggle to fit in.  Maybe you want to pursue exams and competitions, trying to fit it all in. Or maybe you want to transition into another career path and industry smoothly and leave hospitality for good. Perhaps you would like to find the love for the industry again.

My practise sees a balanced use of challenging coaching supported by impactful positive psychology, where strengths, positive emotions are analysed and used for the coachee’s benefit. 


q u e s t i o n s  a f t e r  s e s s i o n 

' I had the courage to quit my job and start again' - Vo

' I started to work on the project I left aside for years' - eb 

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